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    There are so many sides to sustainability – just like our portfolio of services

  • A combination of very different measures is needed if society’s efforts to conserve natural resources and combat climate change are to be a success. Whether it involves professionally dismantling fridges or returning metals to production cycles: our companies not only ensure that valuable materials are recovered but also that potentially hazardous substances are safely treated across the whole of the country.

  • REMONDIS Austria primarily focuses on recycling as well as on all related services

  • Thanks to our wide range of services, we lead the market in a number of different sectors in Austria. Being part of the REMONDIS Group also strengthens our success and strong position on the Austrian market. This gives us access to all the business opportunities of an international group and the wide-ranging expertise of one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies.

Johann Neumüller GmbH – trading in steel and scrap, promoting metal recycling

    • Using scrap metal to produce steel considerably reduces consumption of energy and primary raw materials

    • Transporting ferrous and non-ferrous scrap to wherever it can be reused – this is what Johann Neumüller’s business is all about. Every year, the company transfers around 300,000 tonnes of material by train, ship and/or truck. By supplying its customers with the metals they need, it is not only helping to conserve natural resources but also to guarantee supplies. Metal processors appreciate the reliability of Johann Neumüller’s services – knowing it can always provide the quality and volumes they need.
      Find out more at eisen-neumueller.at

REMONDIS Austria GmbH – safely handling problematic and hazardous materials

  • You need to be close to your customers to provide a good service. REMONDIS Austria has two business locations in Austria

  • REMONDIS Austria is your expert for hazardous waste. The company always has a suitable solution for its customers no matter what kind of waste it may involve – from recycling aerosol cans, to processing oily substances, all the way through to recycling mercury. Firms using separators know they are in safe hands when they work with REMONDIS Austria as it is able to offer them a full range of cleaning, maintenance, inspection and repair services for these machines, too. What’s more, doctors’ practices and hospitals appreciate REMONDIS Austria’s reliable portfolio of services for handling their healthcare waste. This also includes disposing of X-ray film, processing chemicals and clearing out archives full of old patient files.

    Find out more at remondis-austria.at

UFH RE-cycling GmbH – dismantling cooling and freezing appliances

  • UFH RE-cycling leads the market in Austria: two thirds of all discarded cooling and freezing appliances are treated in Kematen

  • Together, REMONDIS and Umweltforum Haushalt (UFH) operate one of the most modern fridge recycling facilities in Europe at its plant in Kematen/Ybbs. Every year, it dismantles and recycles around 250,000 discarded cooling and freezing appliances from across the country. These come from private households as well as from commercial businesses. UFH RE-cycling works to the highest environmental standards and was one of the first recycling companies in Austria to be certified in accordance with the strict European WEEELABEX requirements.

    Find out more at ufhrecycling.at

XERVON Austria GmbH – specialists for work platforms and shoring scaffolding

    • XERVON Austria is the company to turn to whenever you need industrial scaffolds, classic façade scaffolding, church scaffolds, special and suspended scaffolding, enclosed scaffolding or scaffold stair towers

    • XERVON Austria is one of the country’s leading scaffolding firms. Able to offer a whole range of different scaffolds, the company serves a wide variety of customers, primarily construction firms, local authorities and industrial businesses. XERVON Austria operates across the whole of the country with its largest branches being located in Maria Lanzendorf and Traun. Its customers appreciate its stringent quality and safety standards as well as its expertise and experience in the area of complex scaffold structures. From industrial, façade and special scaffolding, to fixed shoring scaffolds, arched structures and heavy-duty excavation bracing systems, all the way through to inserting and/or lifting supporting structures: XERVON Austria is well known for its bespoke solutions and its ability to deliver what it promises. When we erect industrial scaffolds, we create the right conditions so that insulation, surface technology and maintenance work can be carried out.
      Find out more at xervon.at

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