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    REMONDIS as an employer

  • Perhaps you’re asking yourself whether REMONDIS might be the right place for your future career? Then keep on reading and get to know us better. There are more than enough reasons for deciding to work at REMONDIS. You’ll find everything that is important to you here at our company – from meaningful work to a secure future all the way through to great development opportunities. Simply read for yourself about the advantages of our family-run company. And who knows: maybe you’ll soon start your future career with and at our firm.

    Find out more about our latest vacancies and apprenticeship jobs at remondis-karriere.de

Meaningful work curbing climate change and protecting natural resources

  • All of the activities carried out by our three divisions – recycling, services and water management – pursue one key goal: to effectively conserve natural resources and tackle climate change. And you, as an employee of the company, play an active role in ensuring this important target is met. This not only makes the jobs at REMONDIS exciting and challenging but also incredibly meaningful – indeed there are very few professions that can match them. Where else are you given the opportunity to actively move forward and promote the all-important subject of sustainability and to do work every single day that makes the world just that little bit better? By the way, thinking big is encouraged here at REMONDIS as it suits its philosophy perfectly. We believe that there is still much potential in the circular economy to curb climate change and we are constantly working on developing new processes and achieving ever better recycling rates to protect tomorrow’s world. It would be great to have you become part of the REMONDIS family.

A secure job even in uncertain times

We live in a world that consumes more raw materials than our planet can provide, which means that our industry is future proof. Our divisions – such as those delivering essential services and recycling activities – will continue to be needed in the future and will become even more relevant. A further reason why the business has a secure future is because the REMONDIS Group, a family-run firm steeped in tradition, sets great store on solidity. This solidity benefits our employees in a whole variety of different ways. Future-proof jobs and a well-functioning shift system with work schedules that allow staff to integrate their career and their personal and family life are key arguments in favour of REMONDIS. And this is true for both our commercial and industrial divisions.

International locations – a wide range of activities

  • At REMONDIS, you are working for the future. And, for your own future as well. Our international company is continuously growing which means we can offer you excellent career prospects. There truly are no limits. There are many opportunities for you to move within the company and gather work experience abroad at many different kinds of locations – enabling you to further develop both your professional and your personal skills. What’s more, we operate in a wide range of businesses: from recycling, to water management, all the way through to product development. Variety is guaranteed. Moreover, something else that is just as important: our wide-ranging business offers great opportunities for you to move up the career ladder. REMONDIS’ open structures allow you to move upwards in areas where, at other companies, you may have to wait in queue for promotion. As long as people are flexible and mobile, they can find themselves stepping into a leadership role within no time at all.

    • REMONDIS offers a whole range of skilled professional and entry-level jobs.

The figures of a global group, the values of a family-run business

Despite the size of our business with approx. 800 locations around the world and more than 43,000 employees, we have remained a down-to-earth, family-run company. This can be seen in the conservative way our business is growing – where focus is on sustainable, long-term development – as well as in our work culture. We place great emphasis on having flat hierarchies and small units that have rapid decision-making processes and give staff space to be creative. The result is a hands-on mentality that shapes the whole of the Group – as well as solution orientation and pragmatism. This ‘let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business’ philosophy is reflected in the way we treat our employees. Everyone is appreciated in equal measure no matter what their job or level of qualification.

Simply get in touch and find out more

  • You are, of course, very welcome to contact us to discuss the apprenticeship and career opportunities at REMONDIS. Our experts are always happy to help.

    • Christian Rilling
      Responsible for: industrial & technical specialists and managers
      T +49 2306 106-106

    • Theresa Hartmann
      Responsible for: commercial specialists and managers
      T +49 2306 106-8826

    • Linda Kunka
      Responsible for: student interns, student employees, graduates, trainees
      T +49 2306 106-8665

    • Vanessa Rensmann
      Responsible for: work placements for school children, apprenticeships
      T +49 2306 106-853

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